Has Your Job Situation Changed Due to COVID-19?

Loss of Health Insurance?

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Special-Enrollment Period Due to Coronavirus Now Available 

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), you can apply now for coverage if you are uninsured and eligible. You can also apply if you didn’t know about the new state penalty or new financial help available. Medi-Cal enrollment continues to be year-round.  

What is special enrollment? 

People who experience a qualifying life event can newly enroll in a health plan through Covered California even outside the open enrollment period. People who already have a plan through Covered California who experience a qualifying life event can change their coverage or choose a new plan.  

Apply Now 

You can learn more and apply here: https://www.susanfan328cca.com/ 

We’re encouraging consumers to apply online or call and not seek in-person help.

What Is Covered California? 

  • Lowest Prices
  • Government Discounts
  • Easy Enrollment

The Covered California Health Exchange is the government agency offering subsidized Obamacare plans for this state. The California Health Exchange was created to assist citizens and legal residents with applying for marketplace coverage in order to comply with the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”). When the law was passed in 2010, each of the 50 states had to decide to either create a state-run health insurance exchange or offer enrollment through a federally-operated exchange. This state chose to create their own exchange and called it “Covered California”. 

 You can apply here: https://www.susanfan328cca.com/ 

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